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Hard bark on the family tree…

November 29, 2009

So my Dad turns 50 on Tuesday and we had a little family get-together.  Naturally, my brother wakes up at the time we are meant to be there so we end up 90 minutes late after he has his hour long OCD shower and arrive as people are tucking into lunch.

I crashed the car a couple weeks back so we had to go in my brother’s 100 year old mini.  The thing is so awesome but feels like you are strapped to a death machine.  It’s rusting everywhere, and i’m pretty sure he found it in a kinder egg.

Me “yo…why’s there a cup in your car?”

Robert: “oh…sometimes i have to bail out the car because it leaks and the water collects here.  and here…and here and here…”

Me: “should i have asked permission to come aboard?”


raining on the inside too..

My sisters, Emma and Katie.

camera fights

lizzle to rizzle….

Uncle Jim, me, Rob, Holly, Holly’s boyfriend Tom, Auntie Julie, Emma, Dad, Katie, Grandma.

erm…don’t know.


I won this

In every layer there was a chocolate money, which i had to forfeit :( and a prize

“gimme my money where’s my money give it to me!”

pull-your-best-retard-face.   If in doubt, go for downs syndrome, i nailed it.  Downs Syndrome came up in the conversation at lunch (not as a result of this face) and my cousin told me that for many years, she thought she kept seeing the same strange looking person in the same places and put it down to coincidence, in fact she was seeing lots of different people but all with Downs.

The end.

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