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Stone effing Henge…

January 1, 2010

So the only thing that Matt really wanted to definitely see whilst visiting the UK was Stone Henge.  This was fine by me, i haven’t seen it in years and obviously it’s nice to be able to take someone to a place they’ve never seen before.  I would have enjoyed myself far more had it not been for the stellar navigational failure at the beginning of our journey due to my innate inability to find my way further than my kitchen and the fact that my GPS had ‘mistakenly’ been switched to pedestrian mode when Matt decided to change the cartoon car to a monster truck the other day  :-| We couldn’t figure out why it kept showing the car going round the roundabouts the wrong way and why it was practically having a Stroke every three seconds trying to recalculate our journey.  Kovacs suggested it must be because monster trucks just drive straight over roundabouts and so we struggled on until i realised our heinous error.  But not after wasting  over an hour driving around and ending up back where we began.  We finally got on our way after several curses, unthwarted by Britain’s attempts to rain us all the way back to Welwyn Garden City and 4 hours after setting off we arrived at our ancient destination.  Throughout the journey i had experienced a multitude of negative emotions – frustration, anger, bitterness, fear etc most of which Kovacs slept through, but I was saved by U2’s best of 1980 – 1990 and an unexpected hidden jewel in a Foo Fighters cd case –  ‘Why?’  Yoni Wolf’s ambrosial vocals soothed my road rage in a matter of seconds and the fucking ridiculous flow of traffic wasn’t so bad anymore.  The word ‘flow’ would suggest movement but in the last mile and a half getting to stonehenge would have been quicker if we’d harnessed and bridled two roofied up Giant Tortoises.  Still, we got there, and it was only a small let down.  We stayed for fifteen minutes, took some photos, shivered and went and got some pub grub.  Here’s some photos…

“Delete that if it looks like i’ve got leukaemia.”

The only sign to Stonehenge

~Traffic jams~

This is what i think…

I should have chosen curly fries.

It was an adventure day.  Anyone considering visiting the ‘henge should contemplate alternative modes of transport.  I suggest something along these lines…

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  1. rhianna permalink
    January 3, 2010 1:59 am

    You need to get a feng shui expert into your room immediately! currently your chi flow is flying straight out the window. haha. me and ed reorganised our room last night to get some good feng shui and ended up with this:

    in our bed. Sweet.

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