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The Medz…

March 1, 2010

I’m currently watching Lord Of The Rings.  Gandalf just “died”.  Today was mostly spent making tea and “looking for jobs” i’m far too easily side tracked so I should admit that I spent a lot of it looking up side effects to the medication i’ve been taking/ have taken.  Past and present.  Some of them are hilarious and terrifying including:  Hirsuteness, baldness, becoming baron, depression, nausea, mood swings, migraines, weight gain, weight loss, water retention and my favourite: BRAIN HAEMORRHAGING.  This is all in the pursuit of vanity, i’m not taking medication for anything serious, I just want acne free skin.  I say all this jovially of course but I look in the mirror, realise i’m 25 and look like some teenage kid that eats nothing but McDonalds.  Suffice to say I’ve begun to question what the fuck is going on.  My skin isn’t particularly bad per se, in fact my face isn’t really what suffers, it’s everywhere else.  This reminds me of the time i came across some girl’s blog and she was talking about having some shit burnt off her cervix and i was grossed out both by the procedure and also the fact that she would reveal such intimate details of her life.  This is basically the same right? Ha.  Anyway, my doctor has referred me to a dermatologist and wants to put me on ‘Roaccutane’ (which i don’t think i’ll be allowed seeing as my severity is only moderate).  The medication itself is pretty gnarly, you have to go on The Pill and have regular pregnancy tests for the duration of taking it or else, if you get up the spout, you’ll have a mutant baby.   It also makes you completely mental, not just a bit PMS mental but actually I-need-to-jump-off-a-bridge-right-now-because-the-world-is-shittifyingly-awful mental. I wonder if i am vain enough to go on it?  I’m pretty sure I am.   So watch this space, i’ll probably blog my suicide attempts or at the very least type out my goodbye letters for you to read.  Pinch punch first day of the month.


Boramir just got arrowed to death by the Uruk-Hai.

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