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Six days a week…

March 14, 2010

Richey came to visit this week before he disappears for two weeks on tour.  We relaxed pretty hard.  This mostly entailed eating, sleeping, drinking tea, watching movies and him sawing wood because it is such a massive hassle when you have weakling girl arms and a blunt saw. We also made our own peanut butter and here’s how it went…

Maple Syrup flavour…

Chilli flavour…

We are massive peanut butter fans but after spending a couple of hours making this we both felt like projectile vomiting at the sight of it.  I was genuinely surprised that it tasted of actual peanut butter.  So many times i have tried to recreate my favourite foods only to find out that it’s actually the vast amounts of preservatives and sugars that make it taste like it does.

Talking of which I found these:

Pure sugar but pretty delicious and they taste like the fudge i used to get when i got pick n mix at the cinema.

For the last supper i made us a nut roast which was, not to toot my own horn but …beep beep…pretty awesome.

And being Mother’s Day, I thought i’d make some home made chocolates for mama bear.  They turned out awesome and i’m defs gonna make some more.

The filling: maple syrup, icing sugar, tofutti cream cheese and water.

I won myself a job this week so it means my Australia fund can finally get back on track (get started).  Watching Bondi Rescue makes me nostalgic.  I decided 3 three seconds ago that I want a kettle in my room so i can have tea in bed as soon as i wake up.  Over & out.

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