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March 22, 2010

I started my new job today.  It’s a really warm and friendly place mostly run by old men .  This means they have a lot of old working practices, for instance finishing work at 1pm on a Friday and very generous holiday leave.  In one building there is this monstrous marble conference table purchased in Italy by the old MD.  Apparently they had to take out the windows and crane it in but not before reinforcing the ceiling below.  The thing is hideous.  I wish we still lived in a world where decorating your office with expensive pieces of art and shag pile carpet could be put on your monthly expenses.  I can’t describe the feeling you get when you step into a genuine time warp but it made me feel weird and i half expected to have my arse pinched and told to “be a good girl and send these out for me”.  Aside from that it was pretty much like Fraggle Rock or Santa’s workshop.  The further in i went, the smaller the people got.  Even the door frames are shorter than usual.   Maybe i’ll find a porthole into John Malkovich’s mind.

Can’t wait for the cash dollars to start rolling in.

P.s – middle Doozer at the bottom: “I like to sing-a, about the moon-a and the the june-a and the spring-a”

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  1. modelmonologue permalink
    March 23, 2010 1:11 pm

    Good to hear :)

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