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Easter Funday…

April 5, 2010

Today we snuck into Knebworth house gardens without paying.  I’ve never been inside before and it definitely isn’t worth £10 to visit but it was cool enough to enjoy for free.

This is the pet cemetary.

This was at the centre of the maze.   Sarah won within a matter of seconds because she used to work there so it didn’t count.  I came last.

My face is about as good as the quality of my camera…

We’re not sure about the story behind this…

But they weren’t lying…

Well, sort of..

Raptors ahead!

Old mate was just hanging out..

Who needs boyfriends…

They filmed Batman here.  And Harry Potter.

As we were leaving the park, a jousting session was beginning.  Before it started they marched all the children around the “arena” and gave them fake disembodied heads – complete with painted blood, shields of the realm and wooden swords, all to the sound of some sinister orchestral music.  I suppose to get everyone in “the mood”.  My country is weird.

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