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Some people take drugs…

May 16, 2010

I eat food.  And sometimes I eat food in large quantities.  Sarah and I went on a little foray into London for a long lunch this weekend.  Mildreds is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant i’ve been meaning to check out for years.  We had to wait around for about 15 minutes for a table because it was rammed but we lucked out and got the best seats in the house in a little window cove.  First up we whet our whistles with some traditional cola.  If you are reading this and not living in England i’m sorry for you because this is the best cola on earth, no contest.   All other Colas taste like Slurms Mackenzie’s urine in comparison.

My first gyoza and omgoodness..

Stir fried veg on brown rice with fried tofu and ….stinging nettles?

I got food envy and wish I ordered this burger…

Mine was good but sarah’s came with some of the realest chips i’ve ever tasted.

If you’re with me and we’re in a delicious restaurant you’ll have to deal with the fact I might order two desserts..

A chocolate truffle  with raspberry coulée served with a tuille and a mint leaf – which i regrettably ate as well.  When i cut this open some more raspberry coulée oozed out.  It was basically like eating a cube of the stuff inside those Lindt chocolate balls.  Upon closer inspection we noticed the raspberry stuff was held in by a thin line of chocolate! Check it..

Second was the tofu cheesecake, it was wet and bland and nowhere near as good as the one this guy once made.  I still finished it though.

This was some kind of dried fruit..

Sarah got a panecotta thing with honeycombs and square elderflower jellyfish..

I ordered a starter, main, two desserts and fancy drink and it came to £26.50, fair enough considering all of it was super delicious and well presented and i was clean plate crew throughout.  And it’s London.  I recommend Mildreds.

A trip to China town…dunno what the no-entry sign is for, maybe no gweilos or gaijins allowed?

Eat now, ask questions later…

Woops.  I only bought them because they looked like something Pikachu would eat…

This must be my i’ve-just-eaten-too-much-fucking-food face.


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