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Ich fuhr nach Berlin!!

June 24, 2010

Me and miran went to Berlin.  Here are some pictures.


The stench that came through these….


A tower of crushed cars? Ok.

Du bist schwule zusammen?

Hotel morning light…

We walked an unhealthy distance to try and find some frühstück, it was a let down-ish.  Good if you fancy something super healthy and expensive.  ‘Seerose’ – Mehringdamm 47, Berlin…

Thank fuck for Starbucks and my stinky map.  We’d also have been completely lost were it not for Rachel’s guide to Berlin.

Branden Tor…

Where the Berlin wall used to be…

The last 80 metres of Der Berliner Mauer…


Holocaust memorial. We didn’t ‘get it’…

Learnt so much here…

Ich möchte ein currywurst bitte!

This place sells dozens of different vegetarian burgers, “pork” “chicken” and “beef” and just so you know, it shits ALLLL over lord of the fries in Melbourne.  Massively.  If you find yourself in Berlin and vegetarian/vegan, go to Yellow Sunshine Diner on 19 Weinerstrasse.  They also sell cakes…

Cherry torte! Of course i was almost cadaverously full after my Hawaiian chicken burger and fries but I had to order a slice..

But it was no place for…

This was so massive…

Esp v Hon 2-0. Cute little pub, the floor was sand…

How long is now? How lost in translation?

We did a jew walk and three minutes in had to look at the map…

Go here for BURRITOS!

I’m coming back here to buy ALL of my christmas stuff when i get my own place…

Typical female…

We went to a genuine Japanese restaurant.  Good gyoza..

I’ll have a bowl of the most disgusting textures ever please..

Queued for 30 minutes for a 360 view of Berlin from the Reichstag, apparently it’s in COD, some American kid was confident of knowing his way around just from playing.  It was worth waiting the queue for the amazing sunset and view and it was actually this colour, no photoshopping!

The open view from the dome…

Listenin’ to Reichstag facts.  The dome is made from 4000 metres of glass.

Yes please, i’ll have a takeaway cup of ballsack coffee, danke!

This is how we frűhstűcked!

And that was all.  What I learnt in Berlin:

I will never learn how to cross the road in countries that drive on the right

Berliners have incredibly well trained, placid dogs

Roughly every 10 paces the smell of raw sewage will fill your nose

Dunkin fucking donuts everywhere

The bikes are really tall and long and everyone rides them

German airport security frisk like your pockets are lined with coke, it borders on ABH.

I am crap at map reading


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