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October 11, 2010

My sister turned 18 recently. WTF.  So we all hooked up to have a little celebration to celebrate the topsy-turviness of this event.

Birthday girl eating birthday cupcake…

Lil sister Kate..

Dad and man’s best friend..

This is Buddy, he is probably the most affectionate dog i’ve ever met, all he ever wants is cuddles and to play fetch.  He has epilepsy and when he gets excited he has a fit.  Dad started popping champagne bottles and Buddy got over excited and chased the corks then after retrieving one he started pawing at his face and hid under a chair and started fitting.  It was the saddest thing to watch and it lasted for like 10 minutes – ages to have a fit right?  Dad had to vice him between his legs so he didn’t bash his head. He was ok after but it must be so scary for him.   I’m going to design a dog helmet so he can be at home and have fits and not smash his head.

Emma and Aunt Julie and Buddy


Rob and Jaio..

From left…Katie, Uncle Jim, Grandma, Dad, Me, Robert, Emma, Aunt Julie and Edward

The cousins

Dad hahaha

Photos taken by the little sis

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