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Vegan Quiche motherjeffries!!

April 10, 2011

So there has been one thing I have been coveting in my years as a non-dairy queen: QUICHE

I tried making some mini ones a couple of months ago but they came out tasteless and shit.  I think I tried to over complicate the process by adding all sorts of spices and flavours to season the tofu to make it taste like egg and I used ready-roll pastry – ERROR!  Nothing beats home made pastry that’s for sure.

This time round I figured i’d make mum’s quiche recipe (the one that brings me to tears when she whips it up and all I can do is stare in covetous silence) and just replace the egg with tofu as it has the same consistency when cooked and doesn’t add a massive amount of taste.  So here goes..

What you’ll need:

A 9 inch quiche dish

Food mixer

A rolling pin

A blender

1/2 cup (..ish) of vegan butter

Enough flour to make a breadcrumby texture

A few table spoons of water

1 x onion

1 x large block of tofu

a few table spoons of soy milk



2 x packets of vegan cheese – I used the mature cheddar Cheezly and it turned out very cheesy so next time i’ll use something a little softer in flavour, it was still good though!


Turn on your oven to gas 6.  Google the equivalents

For the pastry (this is super fucking quick I swear)

Get your marg…now, this was all done with eye measurements so if you have any pastry letover you can make jam tarts or something.  Put it in a mixing bowl and in quarter cup increments mix with the flour until it makes quite a dry breadcrumb mix.  Once you are happy with that add a table spoon of water and lightly mix into the crumbs, keep doing so, you’ll only need three or four… you are basically waiting for it to turn into a dough – not sticky or else you’ll have to add more flour! So once you have it at the right consistency, flour a surface and roll into a ball then roll out into a circle – DO NOT KNEAD THE PASTRY.  Touch the pastry as little as possible so no re-rolling or anything, the more you fiddle with pastry the harder it’ll become.  Continuing……You can check what size you need by holding the dish above the rolled out pastry, you want it to be big enough to line the entire dish.  Place in the dish – an easy way to transfer the pastry is to fold it in half and support it in the middle while carrying it over.  Press into the corners and side of the dish quite firmly as pastry has a tendency to shrink a bit.  It’s ok to have it a little over the edge as this will hold it in place.  Blind bake in the oven for about 10 minutes.

For the filling…

While the pastry is blind baking get your block of tofu and chuck it in the blender, add a slosh of milk and pulse blend.  You might need to add a little more milk but not much as you want the consistency to be like thick double cream. Finely chop the onion. Grate all the cheese.

Once the pastry has been baked for ten minutes take it out and layer the chopped onion over the pastry.  Pour the tofu over it and season with some salt and pepper. Make a thick layer of cheese gratings on top and bake in the oven on a 5-6 heat for about 35-40 minutes.  Keep checking it to make sure it’s not burning.  Test to see if it’s ready by pressing the middle, it should feel springy but firm-ish.

That’s it!!  Leave it to cool for a little bit before you try eating it.  This is best served cold!

Don’t be scared to add some fresh herbs or some sliced tomato on top which is what i’ll try next time and also add some nutritional yeast if I can get my mits on some as apparently that has a nice savoury egg taste to it.

This is perfect for bulking up a vegan buffet. So give it a go and make your own poof pizza!

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