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What I want

June 15, 2011

The first half of this video sums up exactly how I want to live my life.  Reality < Expectation.

I don’t know why I haven’t travelled more in my life, I guess I’ve felt i’ve always been restricted with money.  I don’t care about money, it’s nice to have it but I don’t have that burning desire to have a fat bank account, like some.  Right now i’m not even able to save a penny but as of next month i’ll be free to save as much as I want from my pay cheque.  Which will still be very little but just being able to do so is what will make me feel good.  So one day, when I finally get around to earning my motorbike license i’m going to do the trip of my dreams.  Even better would be doing it with a bunch of mates in a big VW van just going from beach town to beach town surfing along the way.  Even though I can’t surf.  But…it’s not hard, right……..? :|

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